Bicycle tours

The campsite is located just up to the regional bicycle road system.

Look forward to renting and downloading a bike guide with suggestions for 21 trips: Bicycle holiday on Bornholm

Since 1981, Bornholm has invested large sums in a proper network of cycling and trails, where many of the cycle paths are located along the dismantled railways. We have the world’s best cycling network. Therefore, Bornholm is ideal for small and large scouts, as there are only a few places you need to interfere with the motorized road users.

There are many choices when organizing their bicycle tours on Bornholm. The southern end of the island is flat, like a pancake and in northern Norway before challenging in a very hilly terrain.

The regional cycle system can lead to cycling in the green, Almindingen, Denmark’s fifth largest forest, or the beach, where there are some of Northern Europe’s finest beaches and cliffs.